We are seeing games used as the basis for political and civic organizing, and as models for new approaches to interface design in airport baggage systems. Almost everyone, these days, seems interested in games.-Katie Salen

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British Council
Animation-University of Glamorgan "An exciting opportunity for students who want to enter the 2D or stop-motion animation industry, this highly successful and well-established course has an excellent reputation for producing competent young animation professionals. The course is designed to train animators and now offers the chance to specialise in Design for Animation and Illustration for Digital Media. Whilst gaining practical experience, our students also study business to prepare them for employment in the animation industry." more
Digital Games Theory and Design-Brunel University "You will engage in, and experiment with, practical games creation, with workshops lead by designers working in the industry, as well as explore a range of theories and concepts with which to analyse the values of games, play and pleasure. We have a team of experienced games researchers teaching on the programme. some of whom have played a pioneering role in making game studies a new academic discipline." more
Animation-University of Glamorgan "This course is unique in its content and direction, and takes account of the changing nature of this discipline and its related markets. There are two distinct pathways within the course. The first option allows you to study the process and concepts of film making, regardless of whether you have a traditional background in animation and want to pursue personal development, or if you have been on a course related to animation and wish to transfer those skills. The second option extends to students who want to develop ground-breaking new themes and techniques with sponsors or animation companies." more
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