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Connect to this QR Code image and promote your brand, website, product or whatever you like. We welcome companies, organizations, events, and all things, products and objects that are made in America or have some kind of interaction with American life or culture to connect.

        Connect to the QR Code image
With a connection you will receive a mobile page with QR code of your own that can be used to promote whatever you like within limits of course. Your mobile page will be connected to this Interactive image.

To connect you will need to provide:

An identity image/art/logo and a text description and web link.

*No traffic guarantees come with mobile profiles but wherever the image is seen it can be scanned with a mobile phone.

Receive a customized mobile page & QR Code

Purchase a postcard and be linked to the image by providing your twitter @
Open to anyone - worldwide so if you like the image - connect to it :)

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