The Ultimate Music Theme Park – Coded

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The Ultimate Music Theme Park & Resource Center, GIGANTIC WORX CENTERS, are unlike any other educational, or entertainment experience the world has ever seen. The Centers are being designed as the nexus between music, the arts, science and mathematics – enlightening, inspiring, empowering, engaging and entertaining everyone experiencing them to walk away profoundly altered by what they encounter within the domed walls.

The founder, Chevalier, Richard Winter-Stanbridge, KCTJ is bringing together leaders in music, education, the arts, and science to construct and create aw-inspiring experiences for generations to come. “GIGANTIC WORX CENTERS advocate music as an essential part of life. They will be awe-inspiring multi-faceted centers, facilitating educational resources within a theme park environment appealing to a wide demographic, but particularly to the young. GIGANTIC WORX CENTERS will reflect the same magic that Walt Disney envisioned for Disneyland.”

First flagship dome  is to be built in California.

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