An American Story: eMobo

What makes a great American story? Is it about the chase? Does the underdog overcome all odds to reach stardom? Identifying with the struggle is one aspect of a great story that all Americans can share.

The American story is being written everyday by people with dreams and ambition.  Motion pictures in the 20th century exemplified these dreams. The screen was big and stories on it were “It”.  Today the big screen is getting smaller. You can hold it in your hand and also make calls, text, and buy things with “It”, the mobile.

Capturing stories on this new “It” is a challenge but an app producer from Pennsylvania is doing just that. His name is Derek Vasconi, and he believes that great stories should be available on the mobile screen.  Anyone can share a story and better yet publish their own story through his app, eMobo.

There are many challenges ahead for storytelling in this mobile era but every great story has a beginning.

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